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How 8 Pillars were Discovered

In spring of 2012, Donovan was contemplating what he could offer his clients as a personal trainer/advisor that was more than just a nutritional and physical plan. He knew there was more to his own weight loss transformation than just the physical results.  He had a mental shift and a spiritual awakening. That's when the 8 Pillars were discovered.  He learned that the mental shift he had was a result of the 8 Pillars of the Mind. After years of gaining more insight and understanding of the 8 Pillars, Donovan learned that they are literally what determines one's thoughts and beliefs. And, those thoughts and beliefs are what determine one's course in life. It is now his life's mission and goal to help as many as possible deepen their relationship with the Lord and create the life they strive for by using the 8 Pillars of the Mind on purpose!

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