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Nutrition Pillar Lenten Fast Options

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

For those of you joining me on this Lenten Journey below is the fast I will be doing for the 40 days. This was the fast I was on when I discovered the 8 Pillars of the Mind in 2012. This is a very effective detox fast and a life changing experience. Click on the link to see other fast options for you to choose from.

It is important to realize that a fast is different than a diet, for with a fast we incorporate a prayer intention and reason for the fast. For example, one could do it for the intention of coming into a deeper relationship with the Lord, or for a particular need like debt freedom, or for that certain job opportunity you’ve been praying for.

Remember this journey is personal and so feel free to choose which pillars to work on during these 40 days. Maybe try 1 Pillar a week, or 2. Be sure to download the free Lenten planner to help you keep track of your journey.

And finally, feel free to share your experience for it is my hope to help encourage as many as possible for we are one family!!!!

I love you guys!

God bless,


The Reverend Dollar Fast

St. Hildegard Fast

Paleo Fast

For the free Lenten Planner 2021 download pdf

Lent 2021 Planner
Download PDF • 782KB

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